The Tour of Lawrence is excited about the opportunity to celebrate the 4th of July in cooperation with Downtown businesses. Last year’s race on the 4th was wildly successful (despite considerable rain) and our feedback indicated that businesses who were open received good traffic and enjoyed the event.  

We realize that with the 4th of July falling on Saturday that more businesses might decide to be open this year.   In order to better coordinate our race schedule with the merchants and restaurants in downtown, we’d like to find out more about your plans and needs.  

Our goal is for this event to be beneficial to the City of Lawrence and its beautiful and vibrant downtown district.  We have a variety of family-friendly events to accompany the races designed to draw community members to the event to watch and shop.  We also are planning a complete online shopping guide for downtown on the 4th for businesses that are open and any specials or sales they might be happening.  

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What IS the

Tour of Lawrence?


The Tour of Lawrence started in 2009 as a two day bike race, featuring a fast flat 8 corner closed course in Downtown Lawrence  and a challenging, hilly circuit race on KU Campus.  The race quickly grew and was well attended by racers nationally, and enjoyed by the Lawrence community. The picture  at left from the LJ World shows pro bike racer, Brad Huff, winning the downtown race in 2013 with a huge crowd of Lawrencians watching.   During the years 2009-2016, the race was run largely by the city, as part of the Lawrence Spots Commission.  There was no race in 2017. 

 In 2018, a small group of Lawrence community members and bike enthusiasts worked to bring back this treasured Lawrence event.  In 2019, the event returned to the downtown course, thanks to suggestions from downtown businesses to hold the downtown race on the 4th of July.  Rainy weather that day did not hamper the bright spirits of the racers, who were all thrilled to be back on this great course.  COmmunity members who came out to enjoy the races, though much fewer than in that 2013 race, enjoyed the event and enjoyed shopping at the few businesses who were open that day.   Merchants seemed happy, racers were definitely happy, and the race committee was excited at the opportunity to continue to grow the event with the support of downtown businesses and the city of Lawrence.  

So what do we have planned for 2020?  

Here are some of the ideas we are hoping to make into a reality with YOUR help!

• Online shopping guide for the 4th of July including highlights for specials and sales

• Banners on the barricades with logos of supporing businesses

• Kid’s zone with family fun events and activities

• Return of the popular Kid’s races

• Our Live Announcer will encourage shopping at open businesses and eating at open restaurants

• Each participant will receive a racer welcome bag that can include advertisements or promotions from sponsoring businesses.

• Community fun-ride (possibly a gravel ride with two distance options) and/or bike parade

• Have an idea yourself?  Our race committee loves suggestions.