There are so many ways for you or your business to be a supporter of the Tour of Lawrence.  We are committed to positive partnerships.
So we make sure all of our sponsors are well-represented in all of our publicity and marketing, from social media posts leading up to the race to showing a lot of love in our race-weekend announcements, posters, banners and more.   

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A few sponsorship suggestions....

Want to target a specific need with your sponsorship?  We have listed some ideas that we came up with for how you might be able to help, but we are open to a wide variety of creative collaborations.  Please fill out the form at the right.

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In-Kind Sponsors

Not all of our sponsors are set up to provide cash funding to our event.  We rely on the support of our many companies who provide non-monetary sponsorship.  Here are some examples:

• Hotels that provide rooms for officials or other traveling race staff

• Companies that provide labor for course set-up and tear-down each day

• Restaurants that provide food for our volunteers

• Grocery stores that provide snacks, medical supplies, and other necessities for volunteers, racers & staff

• Bike Shops that offer neutral support & mechanical assistance 

• Businesses that provide rental equipment such as gators or golf carts, barricades & fencing, tents, water jugs and other course materials

• Car dealerships that provide lead & follow vehicles for races

• Medical centers that provide staff for our medical tent

Payout Support

Do you want to sponsor a payout for a specific group of racers, a specific day of the event or a contribution to the overall prize list? 

  • Men’s Pro 1/2 complete payout = $3550 ($750 / day plus $1300 overall) 
  • Women’s Pro 1/2 complete payout = $3325 ($750 / day plus $1075 overall)
  • Men’s 3 complete payout = $2620 ($650 / day plus $670 overall
  • Women’s 3/4 complete payout = $1315 ($300 / day plus 415 overall)
  • Men’s 4 complete payout = $1315 ($300 / day plus 415 overall)
  • Men’s Masters A payout = $1870 ($450 / day plus $670 overall)
  • Women’s Masters complete payout = $1740 ($450 / day plus $540 overall)
  • Men’s Masters B complete payout = $1315 ($300 / day plus 415 overall)


Daily Payout for all fields = $4000

Overall Payout for all fields = $5500 

 Total Prize Purse = $17,500

Prizes & Primes

What’s a Prime you ask?  A prime is a prize announced and awarded in the middle of the race.  It creates a race-with-the-race situation and it really adds to the excitement.  Gift Certificates to restaurants on the course are some of the best primes and are generally redeemed the same day they are won.  

The Tour of Lawrence  will also feature cash primes totalling $2500 throughout the weekend, bringing the overall payout & Prize list to $20,000.  

Additionally, some fields are eligible for payouts in the form of prizes such as merchandise or gift certificates.  Examples of popular prizes and primes at past races include Massage Gift Certificates, Food, & bike-related art

Course Safety

It’s not glamourous, but it is one of the most vital of our sponsorships.  The truth is, racing can be risky business.  We want to keep it as safe as possible.  Barricades and police officers maintain the perimeter of the course and keep it secure and free from cars on the course. 

Barricades (east 9th) = $1250 

Barricades (downtown) = $2500 

Barricades (KU) = $2000 

Police/Fire Support Downtown & East 9th = $3500 

Police Support (KU) = $9000


Volunteer Support

We get a lot of assistance from volunteers donating their time to assist in ensuring rider and spectator safety along the race course.  Volunteers will receive a special Tour of Lawrence shirt, a water bottle, food and a gift.  We are seeking sponsorship to help offset the costs

Food for 150-200 volunteers Friday=  $2000

Food for 250 volunteers Saturday = $2500

Food for 150 volunteers Sunday = $1500

T-Shirts for 250 volunteers = $2000

Thank you gifts for 250 volunteers = $1000

Radios & basic first aid  kits for every corner on the course = $1000